Weird of Will County

 Think you're hot stuff when it comes to history? Curious about what's in our archives? Come down and see this exhibit to discover Will County’s unusual history that will amaze and astound.  Test your knowledge of our displayed artifacts for your shot at a free one-year membership. 

Dr. Dougall's Office

Step in to see what an Edwardian era doctor's office looked like.  Dr. William Dougall was an officer in the Civil War, and became a Doctor in postwar Joliet.  He worked for the Illinois and Michigan Canal and State Penitentiary, before opening his own practice out of his home on Union Street.

Weapons & Warfare of Will County

Honor Will County's military involvement starting with Native Americans, and then settlers from the Blackhawk War to the Korean War.  See documents, uniforms, and other artifacts belonging to citizens of Will County.

Fiber Arts

An original Edward Worst loom is the focal point of this exhibit. Worst was a pioneer in the arts and crafts movement, as well as an educator. This loom, in addition to spinning wheels, knitting machines, and a smaller table top loom, are on display. 

Tools and Implements

Many tools haven't changed in form or function from the 1800s until today.  See hand tools, railroad lanterns, and many more that were used to build our communities.

Vintage Hats and Accessories

Learn about Fall and Winter hats and other accessories ranging from the 1800s into the late 1900s.  Also take a look at our more fragile items, such as a beaver top hat and Potawatomi purse from the 1840s.